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5 Things to Consider When Upgrading Your House in Miami

Finding the courage and motivation to tackle a major room update is no small challenge, and deciding which projects are the best use of your time and money is cause for further consideration. In order to help you focus on the most beneficial projects, here are the 5 factors to look at when upgrading your house in Miami.


First, you must consider how a specific room renovation might suit your needs as the current homeowner.

Perhaps you feel that it’s time to switch out some major kitchen appliances or replace the aging ceiling fans. Focusing on the most functional and utilitarian benefit you would see from moving forward with a project is a great way to take a lengthy to-do list and narrow it down to the most worthy choices

Acting as a reality check, this list would provide help with the short-term goals and allow reaching into more aesthetic projects in the future.

Return on Investment (ROI)

It’s easy to walk around your house and imagine the things you would wish to change, but it’s quite another thing to consider the possibility that each update will end as a money sink in the future.

If you think there’s a possibility that you might be putting your home on the market in the near future, training your eyes to see the potential returns from certain home renovations might do you a lot good. When it comes to upgrading your house, lots of owners set out for a full kitchen remodel or even a major landscaping overhaul with a new patio. 

If you’re truly looking to regain the costs of these upgrades, you’re better off keeping things small. For owners desperately seeking a big change, you might be amazed at the difference something as simple as repainting the interior can make.

Think Ahead!

Having covered how an update could impact your home’s value, you might also want to consider each of these upgrade alternatives as though you were a potential homebuyer reading your listing. 

Considering your house’s location in Miami, a prospective buyer might be impressed by new marble countertops, but would easily write your property off because of a lacking central air system. 

Your home will likely make for a better sell if you swap out aesthetic project renovations for ones that will benefit your house in the future.

See the Big Picture

Once you begin to visualize different updates, it’s easy for your mind to drift to updated closet spaces and grand bathroom remodels. 

Instead, you might want to pay close attention to the condition of less exciting yet incredibly important things like your siding, roof, and basement. Without the right protection from the weather and outdoors, the condition of your home will rapidly decline. 

Adequate care of the home like de-watering the basement will prevent paying for mold remediation and significantly lower the potential for future structural issues. Your newly renovated kitchen won’t feel so special if water damage creates unattractive stains on your ceiling.

Maximize the Appeal

The final piece to the renovation puzzle is to remember how the style and color decisions of your renovation will impact potential resale over time. 

Deciding to go with a more niche color or style will immediately limit your home’s appeal on the open market as potential buyers know that they will carry the burden of doing their own updates eventually. 

Be aware that adding that personal touch, though certainly a reasonable thing to do, may create problems eventually when your property is up for sale.

Professional Guidance When Upgrading Your House in Miami

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Derek Gelber, REALTOR®

Derek is a member of The Keyes Company. He graduated from The University of Georgia, is a member of The National Association of Realtors, and resides in Miami, FL with his wife Dr. Ashley Gelber.

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