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August 2021

Should I Buy or Sell on My Own?

The Internet has changed the way we approach many tasks. Namely, information is readily found at our fingertips. Articles abound with step-by-step instructions that make doing anything seem easy. From baking a cake to raising a barn, we tell ourselves that a quick visit to Google or YouTube gives us the experience necessary to do many things we otherwise wouldn’t have the slightest inclination on how to start.

The same is true in the real estate industry. With all of the tools and sites available, you might wonder if selling your home yourself is better than hiring a professional RealtorĀ®. While the idea of saving commission may seem attractive, the truth is those home sellers who use a RealtorĀ® receive more and better offers, sell their homes faster, and net more money than those who sell on their own.

Just as the Internet has given you volumes of information, it has also changed the way listings are marketed, found, and closed. A RealtorĀ® understands how to use this technology to ensure their customers realize the best results from their real estate transaction.

RealtorĀ® Benefits

  • ExperienceĀ – An experienced RealtorĀ®Ā is your best home transaction resource. The right RealtorĀ® will be well informed about disclosures, loan programs, qualifications, forms, pricing, local market climate, and trends and can advise you property. Knowing not only the comparable properties in your area but also the details about amenities and lifestyle, a professional will properly help a prospective buyer understand the unique advantage your home offers.
  • PricingĀ – Take the guesswork out of picking a listing price or purchase offer. Pricing your home too high or too low can cost you thousands of dollars as well as valuable time. Buyer’s agents understand the market as well. They won’t waste their time with an over-priced listing, while a home priced to sell may not result in the bidding war you hoped to incite. By working alongside a RealtorĀ® you will be able to use market data, trends, recent sales, and inventory on the market to make strategic, informed decisions based on your personal goals and transaction timeline.
  • RepresentationĀ – Your RealtorĀ® is your advocate in the transaction process whose only goal is to help you make the decision that best fits your transaction goals. They are professional real estate advisors, trained to watch for the signals that separate the truly interested buyers from the ones that haven’t made the commitment to purchasing just yet. They understand how to remove personality and feelings from the transaction to best represent your financial interests at each stage.
  • SimplificationĀ – Once you find a buyer, they negotiate the best price and terms possible for you, then guide you through the process from loan approval to home inspections, disclosures, appraisal & closing. They take the hassle out of buying or selling by handling all of the details for you.
  • MarketingĀ – Yes, the Internet has changed the way we find information. What it hasn’t done is taught us how to use the information we learn to our advantage. In the real estate industry, 94% of home buyers search for listings online. As a seller, how do you know your home is getting in front of the maximum number of qualified buyers? In addition to the necessary digital marketing campaigns, you RealtorĀ®Ā will offer a marketing plan that may include open houses, agent tours, direct marketing, email campaigns, and any number of other options that will bring buyers through your property. Best of all, they know what works in your area and will be able to focus more time and energy on those aspects of your home’s personalized marketing plan.

Buying and selling real estate is nominally one of the largest financial transactions in a person’s life. Working with a professional RealtorĀ® gives you access to the most up-to-date information and industry technology. For buyers, a RealtorĀ® will cut through the noise to find the homes that are best suited for your life and your budget. This will cut down on wasted search time and allow you to make quicker decisions. For sellers, a RealtorĀ® will position your home to cut through that same noise to get in front of the buyers and agents that are ready to sit across from you at the closing table and take the keys to their new home while you walk away with the best price possible.